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You will find our adorable fur kids for adoption weekends at Pet Food Express in Silicon Valley. We can also accommodate appointments in the evenings during the week.

Pet Food Express
1902 South Bascom Avenue 
Campbell [MAP]
12 noon-4:00 pm
2nd & 4th Saturdays

Pet Food Express
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12 noon-4:00 pm
Every Saturday




In Memory of Pickles


Pickles was the beloved kitty of two wonderful feline guardians (Rommell and Stacey).  He died tragically from ingesting part of a lily, which happened to be in a bouquet of flowers that Stacey had received as a gift.  It took vets several days to diagnose what was wrong with Pickles, and in the end, it was too late. 

We at Unconditional Love met Stacey and Rommell when they wandered into our adoption fair to look at kittens.  They were wearing white memorial bracelets inscribed with Pickles’ name.  So we asked about this.  And as we heard their story, we realized that Stacey and Rommell had appeared at our adoption fair for two reasons:  first, they needed a kitty to love.  Secondly, we needed to help them in their attempts to educate the public about plants that are poisonous to animals.  

Stacey and Rommell went home that day with a new kitten named Puck.  Now, in every adoption packet we send home with new kitty parents, we include this flyer (with Pickles’ story) and the following list of plants that are poisonous to kitties. And our website will display this information , in hopes that as many lives as possible can be saved as part of Pickles’ legacy.   



Please also consult,
the ASPCA’s comprehensive list of plants poisonous to all pets. 


Aconite (roots, foliage, seeds)
Apple Seeds
Atropa Belladonna (entire plant -- esp. seeds, roots)
Autumn Crocus (entire plant)
Azaleas (entire plant)
Baneberry (berries, roots)
Bird-of-Paradise (pods)
Black Locust (entire plant esp. bark and shoots)
Bloodroot (entire plant esp. stem, roots)
Box Shrub (entire plant esp. leaves)
Buckeye (sprouts, nuts, seeds)
Buttercup (entire plant esp. leaves)
Caladium (entire plant)
Calla Lily
Carolina Jessamine (flowers, leaves)
Castor Bean (entire plant esp. beans)
Chinaberry Tree (berries)
Chockcherries (leaves, cherries, pits)
Christmas Berry (leaves)
Christmas Rose (rootstock, leaves)
Common Privet (leaves, berries)
Corn Cockle (seeds)
Cowbane (entire plant esp. roots)
Cow Cockle (seeds)
Cowslip (entire plant esp. leaves, stems)
Daffodil (entire plant)
Daphne (bark, berries, leaves)
Day Lily (entire plant is toxic to cats)
Death Camas (entire plant)
Delphinium (Larkspur) (entire plant, esp. sprouts)
Dumbcane (entire plant)
Dutchman's Breeches (roots, foliage)
Easter Lily (entire plant is toxic to cats)
Elderberry (entire tree)
Elephant's Ear (entire plant)
English Ivy (entire plant esp. leaves, berries)
European Bittersweet (entire plant esp. berries)
False Flax Seeds
False Hellebore (roots, leaves, seeds)
Fan Weed (seeds)
Field Peppergrass (seeds)
Flax Seedpods
Foxglove (leaves)
Holly Berries (entire plant) 
Horse Chestnut (nuts, sprouts)
Horse Nettle (entire plant esp. berries)
Hyacinth Bulbs
Iris (leaves, roots)
Jack-in-the-Pulpit (entire plant esp. roots, leaves)
Jatropha (seeds)


Jerusalem Cherry (unripe fruit, foliage)
Jimsonweed (entire plant esp. seeds)
Laburum (seeds, pods, flowers)
Lantana (foliage)
Larkspur (entire plant)
Laurels (leave)
Lily of the Valley (entire plant)
Lupines (seeds, pods)
Manchineel Tree (sap)
Matrimony Vine (leaves, shoots)
Mayapple (unripe fruit, roots, foliage)
Milk Vetch (entire plant)
Mistletoe (entire plant)
Monkshood (entire plant)
Moonseed (fruit, roots)
Morning Glory (entire plant)
Mountain Mahogany (leaves)
Mustard (seeds)
Narcissus (bulbs)
Nicotiana (leaves)
Nightshade (leaves, berries)
Oak Trees (shoots, leaves)
Oleander (entire shrub/tree)
Philodendrons (entire plant)
Pokeweed (roots, seeds, berries)
Poinsettia (entire plant)
Poison Hemlock (entire plant)
Potato (shoots, sprouts)
Rattle Box (entire plant)
Rhododendron (leaves)
Rhubarb (entire plant)
Rosary Pea (seeds)
Sago Palm (entire plant esp. seeds)
Skunk Cabbage (entire plant)
Smartweed (sap)
Snow-on-the-Mountain (sap)
Sorghum (leaves)
Stargazer Lily
Tomato (leaves, stems)
Star of Bethlehem (entire plant)
Velvet Grass
Wild Black Cherry (leaves, pits)
Wild Radish (entire plant)
Wisteria (pods, seeds)
Woody Aster (entire plant)
Yellow Jessamine (entire plant)
Yellow Oleander (entire plant esp. leaves)
Yellow Pine Flax (entire plant esp. seedpods)
Yew Bark (leaves, seeds)

Also note:  caffeine, candy, specific nuts and onion/onion powder are common substances that are also deadly to cats and dogs. 
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